New! Base-0 Game Mat

The Base-0 Game Mat. For the best gaming experience!

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Futura City

Your future starts here! Check out our Futura City range!

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Bundles available!

Populate your gaming table: Systema style! Get the most bang for your buck with our Bundles.

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New! Base-0 Game Mat Futura City Bundles available!

Check out our new range of 28mm Sci-Fi urban terrain - FUTURA CITY!

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"Great products, fast delivery times, good prices and they were very helpful when I contacted them for additional information, and replied always very promptly."

- Manuel from Germany

"Systema Gaming Scenery Laser Fence is a great quality product. Easy to build and to enjoy on a gaming board. Looking forward to more products on the catalogue."

- Jani from Finland

Why Systema?

  1. Modular wargaming scenery. Designed by a real architect! Create a unique board for every game you play.

  2. Handcrafted in Slovenia. We personally check every single sheet of MDF. Quality guaranteed!

  3. Free shipping on orders over €50. Anywhere in the European Union. Also worldwide free shipping available!