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New! The Base-0 High Security Facility! New! Towers & Bridges expanded! Bundles available!

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"What can I say? These products fit nicely together, take paint well, use almost zero glue, are sturdy, oh and they look AWESOME too!"

- Dan from the US

"Great terrain at great prices, one to watch if your in the market for laser cut terrain! And specifically to the Base-0 HQ: 10/10. It really is one of the nicest kits I've seen in a while."

- Anthony from the UK

Why Systema?

  1. Modular wargaming scenery. Designed by a real architect! Create a unique board for every game you play.

  2. Handcrafted in Slovenia. We personally check every single sheet of MDF. Quality guaranteed!

  3. Free shipping on orders over €50. Anywhere in the European Union. Also worldwide free shipping available!