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"The MDF-parts are easy to extract from their frame they are delivered in and fast to assemble or combine. The acrylic parts fit nicely and surely into their designated slots but can be removed if need be for gaming purposes.
Systema Gaming may not look flashy or sport shedloads of details, but it is nevertheless very well-thought-out. In fact it is it's functional design (both in looks and manageability) which makes it a great addition to every gaming table of any setting; may it be Tech Noire, Post-Cyberpunk or even in the grim dark future of dark grimness...!

And the customer service is the best I've encountered so far!"

- Gunnar from the Netherlands

”Systema Gaming Scenery is completely satisfying. They're easy to assemble, sturdy and reliable for 40K gaming. One of the most pleasure things when you open the bag is the scent of smoky wood that fill the air. And I used ALL the parts of the frame, even the spare parts were useful to produce and strenghten cardboard and paper scenery.”

- Giovanni from Italy

Why Systema?

  1. Modular wargaming scenery. Designed by a real architect! Create a unique board for every game you play.

  2. Handcrafted in Slovenia. We personally check every single sheet of MDF. Quality guaranteed!

  3. Free shipping on orders over €50. Anywhere in the European Union. Also worldwide free shipping available!