What to do with laser fences?

Henrik here. 🙂

So, you’ve bought some of those cool laser fences. Or maybe you’re considering it. Perhaps you’ll recognize my plight:

You’re building up a table for a game of Infinity. If you’re like me, your first concern is making it look as cool as it can be. However, when playing Infinity, the table also has to be functional.

That means you’ve got to be able to move your models down the table in such a way, that they don’t get shot to bits after the first move.

For a lot of people, filling up their tables with enough terrain is a problem. Which means they’ll have nasty lanes of fire all over the place. In the shooty metagame of Infinity, that means short and boring games!

What’s a quick way to fill up some of those firing lanes in a relatively inexpensive way? Laser fences! 

Yes, a shameless plug (oh wait, it’s the Systema blog… we can plug all we like! :P).

We’ve been playing with the laser fences on our Infinity tables. Below is some of the rules we’ve used for the laser fences in our games (I’d like to thank VisOne, one of the members over on the Data Sphere forum, for his contributions here).

The Basics

  1. Laser fences block Line of Fire, but not Line of Sight. Which means you can’t shoot through them, but you still get an ARO if you spot someone.
  2. They act as buildings/solid cover in regards to parabolic fire. So they have a shadow zone, the same as their height.

More Rules!

  1. Add -3 BTS to all Hacking performed through them.
  2. +3 to the opposed WIP roll for Sepsitor.
  3. Any Hacker can deactivate a single laser fence unit if within their ZoC or the ZoC of a repeater at -3 WIP.
  4. Any Engineer or Hacker can deactivate a single laser fence unit, if in B2B contact with a normal WIP roll.

What about the Generators?

Ah, yes! Let’s not forget to… blow stuff up! 😉

  1. Any model with D-charges can blow up a generator, as per the normal rules.
  2. You should assign a generator to a section of laser fences: taking it out will take out that section of laser fences.

Maybe you’ve already been making up rules for the laser fences, yourself. If so, we’d love to hear about them in the comments. Did we miss anything cool?

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