Product Preview: Consoles Mk2


Here is a preview of the new consoles. Yes, I decided to change the design, because I rushed to have the consoles ready for an Infinity tournament I organized back in November (you can find a photo report about it here), but in hindsight I wasn’t really happy with the design, especially with the lack of modularity.

So without further ado, here is the new and improved design:




















As you can see, I changed the shape of the screen, which is now mounted directly into the desk, because I wanted it to look more like a true holographic display.

I also changed the shape of the table, so that now 3 consoles form a perfect circle. This also gave me the opportunity to redesign the keyboard to look a bit more futuristic.




































And because it’s generally preferred to sit down when working on a computer, I added a cool looking chair! 😉

But I also included a separate base for the chair in case you want to be able to put your miniatures directly in front of the console.




















And here is a picture showing the new consoles within a Base-0 building:
















The new set is coming soon and just as with the old set, you will get 3 consoles with screens in either orange blue or green. The price will also remain the same.

They will be available in the store in the coming 2 weeks or so. At that point, the old consoles will go out of production. So if you want a set of those, you should order them now, because when they’re gone, they’ll be gone for good!




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