New Video! Base-0 Habitat Unit 1 Assembly

Hey everyone!

We have a new assembly video on our YouTube channel! The focus of this video is the Base-0 Habitat Unit 1.

Here’s a direct link to the video:








Firstly, I’d like to take the opportunity and thank Gavin from Tor Gaming, who made the video. You can find out more about Tor Gaming here:

The other thing worth mentioning, which comes up in the video and gives Gavin a bit of trouble, is how the walls of the Base-0 building sets are designed.

Most of them are interchangeable, not only within the set, but also between different building sets. This gives you a high degree of flexibility in how you assemble your buildings. But it is advisable that you plan out your building set-up before you glue anything together. That way you won’t accidentally end up with houses that have no doors for instance. Your minis definitely won’t be happy if they have to climb through windows to get in their houses. 😉

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