New Base-0 and Futura City sets!

Hello everyone!

Finally, we have some new terrain sets in the store!

First I’d like to show you the Base-0 Objective Unit 2F. It’s an expansion for the Base-0 Objective Unit and is meant to be used as a 2nd (and 3rd, 4th etc.) floor for when the Objective Unit is not used as a mission target. But, as with most other Base-0 Units, it can also be used as a stand alone building. It has an open floor with an L-shaped walkway, which will create some very interesting interior spaces for your minis to fight in.

Next we have the Base-0 Platforms! There are 2 sets, the Base-0 Facility Platforms, which include 2 smaller size platforms and the Base-0 Large platform. This sets will create some very interesting battle grounds, especially when you include Laser Fences, Walkways and other Base-0 Buildings with which the new platforms are perfectly compatible.

Also check out the new Base-0 Facility Bundle and get the Platforms and Laser Fences all together at a discount!

But this is not all! We also expanded our Futura City range with more Bridges and Towers!

We now have a longer bridge, the FCB Bridge (long) and 2 new slimmer version towers, FCB Tower S1 and FCB Tower S2. Together with our existing range of FCB towers and bridges, this new additions bring even more versatility and modularity to your table.

And of course, we offer these new sets together with the other towers and bridges as a brand new FCB Towers & Bridges Bundle!

You can find all of the new releases in the Systema Gaming Web Store.

Happy wargaming! 🙂

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