Gaming Accessories! And a Futura City preview…

Hello Systemites!

I want to show you some really cool new Systema Gaming products – Gaming Accessories:


We have an Infinity template set, Silhouette markers and Range Finders.


Check them out in our web store!

But this is only the beginning! We’ll be adding more cool accessories and gaming gadgets in the near future! And not just for Infinity, but other games as well. To name just a few… Warmachine, X-Wing and Guild Ball!

O, by the way… we also offer custom engraving on many of our new products (and even products that are not in our store… yet). You can get your name or a custom logo for your team or gaming club engraved.

Just send us an email to with details about your custom project and we’ll make it!

And last, but certainly not least, here is a preview of our next terrain product – the Futura City Security Building!


That’s it for now. Have fun gaming!


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