New X-Wing tokens, templates and trays!

Hello everyone!

Summer is gone (at least here in Slovenia ;)), which is always a bit sad… But to make things just a little bit better, we have some new products in the Systema Gaming web store!

New X-Wing tokens, templates and trays, which will make your X-Wing games even better!

First we have the XW Ship Card Tray! It’s really handy for organizing your pilot and ship upgrade cards so that you don’t mix anything up. But the best thing is, it’s magnetized and fully compatible with our other X-wing trays!

XW Ship Card Tray
XW Ship Card Tray 2

Next up are new tokens, such as Reinforce, Cloak, Jam and Tractor Beam!


And if you like playing with huge ships, you’ll definitely need Energy Tokens and a Huge Ship Move Template.


Check them out in the Systema Gaming web store!

Happy wargaming!

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