Transformers! Buildings in disguise!

Hi everyone,

My name’s Henrik and I have the honor of guest-blogging here! How did I end up here? Well, my business (Glowbug Media) helped build the new Systema Gaming webshop. As a fanatical wargamer I just had to get involved and get a taste of this cool terrain Primoz is making.

After threatening to pull the plug from his website at random, he allowed me to write on his blog… mwuahahah. 😉

Joking aside (never!) I’m going to be showing off some of the stuff you can do with the Base-0 terrain. Because the terrain is presented in certain ways on the website, I didn’t realize how modular it was, until I was actually building it. I’d like to share some of my findings with you guys.

Later on, I’ll also start painting the terrain and post it here. Hopefully up to a standard that will make Primoz consider it for the actual webshop (yeah, right…). Oh well, maybe the battle reports will make up for my abysmal painting skills…

Sound good? Aight, let’s go! Time to show off the true transformer skills these buildings have!

Here we have my version of the Habitat 1 building (the full kit actually has some more stuff than I’m showing right here, but hey…):

Habitat 1

The kit actually comes with doors you can put back at will (I will show those in a moment).

Let’s start with the roof: as you would expect, it comes off. It’s supported by a set of cross-beams that hold everything into place. Like so:

The roof comes off!

All the buildings are, in fact, supported by these cross-beams. This means the beams don’t just provide stability by keeping the roof in place during play; you can actually take off the roof and place it next to the balcony, to expand it: everything will be at the same level.

Now for some transformers action. This is another building I put together: the HQ:

Just your regular HQ unit! … Or is it?

Note that you can glue the railings to the building, or leave them loose. I glued them into place, myself, but it does limit your options somewhat.

Now, if we combine the Habitat 1 and the HQ buildings, you can do:

Habitat 1 + HQ = HQ-itat? With doors!

You can also put them next to each other (with the top floor of the HQ unit now being a ground level building itself):

It’s like LEGOs for grown-ups. 😉

And just one more view, to top it off:

Mix and match as you like.

Cool, huh?

Alright, that’s it for this post. Hope you enjoyed it! I’ll be back shortly with some different buildings and setups. And hopefully some painted buildings, too…

Happy gaming!

Glowbug Media


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