Painting a Kempeitai from Corvus Belli – Part 3

Hello folks,

The year is 2014! May the dice gods be kind to you this year, just maybe not so much if you happen to play against me. 😛

I’m not really into the new year’s resolutions thing, but if you are, then I wish you have the strength and courage to fulfil each and every one of them!

And now back to painting my Kempeitai. This will be the third and final part in the series.

Here’s where I left of in the second part:


The highlighting is now done and only a few details are left unpainted.

















I started with the shoulder pads. I did the Japanese rising sun motif by carefully painting 4 white stripes, leaving equally big red parts in between.
















Here’s a look from the other side showing the second shoulder pad.


















Next detail is the communication device on her arm. First I painted it with Dark Blue from Vallejo.

















Next I highlighted it with Andrea Blue from Vallejo.


















For the final highlight I mixed in some white into the Andrea Blue. Here you can also see that I painted a glow effect on the rifle. I used Blazing Orange from Citadel for that.
















Now I went to the sword, which I painted with Ironbreaker from Citadel.

















Then I washed the sword with Baal Red from Citadel. I did two coats to get a richer red.

















The only thing left is the edge of the base which I painted black.


















And here is the finished miniature in all its glory, matt varnished, except for the sword sheath for which I used gloss varnish.
















I also added some grass tufts to the base to make it more interesting.

















So that’s it! The Kempeitai is finished and ready for battle. I hope you liked this painting log. I’ll definitely attempt another one in the future, but maybe with some terrain, considering that’s what my site is all about. 😉


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