Painting a Kempeitai from Corvus Belli โ€“ Part 2

Hello again,

This will be the second post in my Painting a Kempeitai series. In the first post I showed you how I painted the base and the base coats on the miniature. In this post I’ll show you mostly highlighting and paining the face.

OK, let’s get to the painting!


So, here’s where we left off in the first post. All base coats and washes are done.

















Now I started with highlighting the trousers. For the first highlight I used German Grey from Vallejo. When highlighting black, it’s very important that you keep the highlights to the very edges. If you paint too much of the surface, it won’t look black any more.















For the next highlight I used Bleached Bone from Citadel. It seems like a big step, going from black, over dark grey to almost white. But for highlighting black, I find that extreme highlighting is the way to go. And you can see that I applied the highlight only to the very edges of the trousers.













Next I went to the face. I started by painting the eyeballs white, then I painted a black dot in the middle. Here it’s important that the black dot – the pupil – touches the eyelids. Otherwise it will look like the figure is staring and it won’t look natural. Also, you need to make both pupils point in the same direction. ๐Ÿ˜‰













Now I painted the face with Flat Flesh from Vallejo. I left out the lower lip and the eye sockets, which stayed in the darker base coat. And that’s it. I find that to much highlighting and shading on the face makes it look cartoonish.















Next I highlighted the coat with Kommando Khaki from Citadel.


















I finished the brown parts of the coat with a final highlight of Bleached Bone from Citadel. I also edge-highlighted the gun holster with the same colour.
















Now I applied a highlight of German Grey from Vallejo to the rifle.

















Next I edge-highlighted the rifle with Astronomican Grey from Citadel.


















I wanted the sheath of the katana to look like highly polished black-painted wood. I find the best way to achieve this look is painting it black and then to just use gloss varnish to finish it off. No highlighting at all! (I apply the varnish only after I finish painting the whole miniature)













Now I painted all the details, which will be red, with Mechrite Red from Citadel.

















Finally, I highlighted the Mechrite Red with Blood Red from Citadel. I also used Blood Red for the details on the rifle.

















And this is where I’ll end this post. Only a few details left and the figure will be finished! But to see the final result you’ll have to wait for the third and final part of this series. ๐Ÿ™‚


Cheers,ย Primoz

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