Painting a Kempeitai from Corvus Belli – Part 1


In this series of posts I’ll show you how I painted my Kempeitai from Corvus Belli, a miniature from the Infinity: the Game range.

I’m by no means a master class painter, but I think I picked up a few good techniques over the ten odd years that I’ve been in the wargaming hobby and believe I can do a decent paintjob. 😉

So, without further ado, here’s the undercoated miniature.


I undercoated it first with black primer and then with white. I used Citadel Chaos Black and Skull White spray paint. I actually overdid the white coat. I usually go a bit lighter with it to get some initial shadows on the figure.















I always start with the base. This way I don’t have to be too careful when drybrushing it. But first of course the basecoat. I used Cavalry Brown from Vallejo on the sand and Graveyard Earth from Citadel for the rocky bit.















Next I applied a brown wash, Agrax Earthshade from Citadel, to the whole base.

















Now I started drybrushing. First a heavy drybrush of Desert Yellow from Vallejo.

















Next I did a lighter drybrush of Bleached Bone from Citadel.


















Finally, I finished the base off with a drybrush of pure white just on the rocky bit.

















Now on to the actual miniature! I started by base coating the trousers with black and the rifle, armour and boots with German Grey from Vallejo.
















Here’s the figure from the other side. You can see that I painted the gun’s muzzle and magazine, as well as the pistol with Ironbreaker from Citadel. After that I applied a black wash to all base coated areas (except the trousers, which are already black). I used Badab Black from Citadel.














Next I painted the coat with Kommando Khaki form Citadel, the face with Flat Flesh from Vallejo and the hair with black.

















Now I went back to the armour and boots, which I lightly drybrushed with Astronomican Grey from Citadel. I painted the front part of the boots with the same colour.
















Again the miniature from the back side. I painted the gun holster with Graveyard Earth from Citadel.

















Finally I washed the coat and face with Reikland Fleshshade from Citadel.



































With the basecoats and washes finished I’ll end this post. I hope you liked the progress so far and that you’ll join me in the next post, where I’ll start with highlighting and painting the details.




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6 Comments on "Painting a Kempeitai from Corvus Belli – Part 1"

  • Very nice! Considering I’ve seen the end result, I really can’t wait for the next part.

  • Ohayoo Gozaimasu !!

    Very Good Start !! ^^

    I really wait the next part !! I’m collecting too a japanese sectorial army from Corvus Belli.

    Please, feel free to visit my Temple to see it ^^

    Can I speak about your website in my Temple please ? I relly like your stuff !!

    Thank you very much !!



  • Thanks, Morikun!

    And sure, talk and write about Systema Gaming as much as you like! 🙂

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