Yu Jing Night: Base-O & Object-Source Lighting.


I recently had the opportunity to paint some of Systema Gaming’s Base-O terrain. My primary Infinity faction is the Japanese Sectorial Army so, as I sat down to brainstorm a theme for this painting project, I decided a night scene on a Yu Jing base would be an awesome and theatrical setting. I love the fluff about the Kempeitai. I imagine that when my JSA are not repelling rival factions my Kempeitai will be sneaking through the base to assassinate anti-nipponese Yu Jing officials.

Base-O 1_resize

I assembled the walkway sections and billboards prior to painting. I also assembled the building floor and roof sections, but I left all of the walls separate.

I started by priming everything black. I prefer to work up from a dark base color.

I then used blue tape to section off the interior floor and wall sections. The interior walls I painted solid white. I only highlighted the floors with a gradient of white that was whitest in the center of the rooms and faded to black as they radiated out towards the walls. I then airbrushed the floors with a glaze of yellow before working in orange and then red starting from the dark outside edges and fading the color towards the center highlights.

Building Interiors_resize

Once the interior were painted I finished assembling the buildings. I glued all of the permanent walls to their corresponding bases and made sure not to glue anything that would limit the awesome modular qualities of the terrain.

The outsides were painted in a similar way to the floors. I highlighted the floors and walls with white. The floor highlights radiated out from the middle of the floor panels and the wall highlights faded down from the top-centers. I also created little highlights on the “lights” over the doors and where the wall sections interlocked. I then glazed the walls and floors with a semi-translucent blue-gray color mix. This darkened the highlights considerably so went back over the highlights with another hit of white.

I decided to make the side connection “lights” orange to break up all the white and mesh with the cool orange billboards. These lights I hit with a little yellow and then a touch of orange to give them the glow-y effect. I also highlighted the billboards with highlights of yellow and orange so that the acrylic panels really appeared to glow orange. Airbrushes are so cool.

To create the JSA and Yu Jing symbols on the buildings, I made stencils out of very thin plasticard. In hindsight, cardstock would have worked fine too. I printed out the symbols I found on the Internet and taped them to the plasticard. Then I just carefully cut out the negative spaces with a hobby knife. After blue taping my stencils to the walls I hit them with white/red and white/yellow/green respectively.


I am very pleased with the final results. For my first airbrush experience, it was very positive. Soon I am going to do my first battle report with the newly painted terrain. So expect to read about it on this blog!


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