Systema Gaming Terrain Competition

Here at Systema we like to see well painted terrain, so I decided to have a little competition. 🙂

It’s very simple really. All you have to do to compete is take some photos of your Systema terrain set (one building is enough, but it can be a whole table), post …

New Base-0 and Futura City sets!

Hello everyone!

Finally, we have some new terrain sets in the store!

First I’d like to show you the Base-0 Objective Unit 2F. It’s an expansion for the Base-0 Objective Unit and is meant to be used as a 2nd (and 3rd, 4th etc.) floor for when the Objective Unit is not …

New X-Wing tokens, templates and trays!

Hello everyone!

Summer is gone (at least here in Slovenia ;)), which is always a bit sad… But to make things just a little bit better, we have some new products in the Systema Gaming web store!

New X-Wing tokens, templates and trays, which will make your X-Wing games even better!

First we …

More Gaming Accessories… for Warmahordes!

Hello everyone!

We have more new acrylic accessories and gaming aids available! Now also for Warmachine/Hordes!

If you play WM/H, then take a look in our store! If not, then we will greatly appreciate if you share this with your friends and gaming buddies that do play Warmahordes. 😉

We have …

Gaming Accessories! And a Futura City preview…

Hello Systemites!

I want to show you some really cool new Systema Gaming products – Gaming Accessories:

We have an Infinity template set, Silhouette markers and Range Finders.

Check them out in our web store!

But this is only the beginning! We’ll be adding more cool accessories and gaming gadgets in the near …