Assembly guides

How to piece it all together

Most of the Systema Gaming Scenery kits are fairly straightforward… at least, we like to think so. If you’re having trouble putting them together, you’ll find detailed assembly guides on this page. With photos!

If you have trouble with any of our sets that don’t have an assembly guide yet, or even with those that do, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

Happy gaming!

Accessories assembly guides (pdf):

SG Gaming Tray

Base-0 assembly guides (pdf):

HQ Unit / Habitats 1 
Storage Silo
Control Tower
Laser Fence

Futura City assembly guides (pdf):

FCB-One / FCB-One Ground/Middle Floor / Air-Con Units

Base-0 assembly videos:

Base-0 Level 1 Walkway assembly
Base-0 Habitat Unit 1 assembly
Base-0 Habitat Unit 2 assembly
Base-0 Communication Unit assembly
Base-0 Boxes & Containers assembly

Futura City assembly videos:

FCB-One assembly
Circular Planters assembly
FC Security Building & Roof assembly

*Assembly videos created by Encounter Wargaming and The Basement Collective.