About Systema

About Systema Gaming Scenery

Systema Wargaming Scenery is run by guys (and gals!) just like you: we love wargaming and we love cool scenery! Only we decided to start making it ourself. The good news is that you won’t have to: you can just buy ours!

At Systema, we think we’ve got something special going. Allow us to explain why that is!

Our scenery is designed by a real architect to be truly modular.

All the terrain elements (within a single range) seamlessly fit together. Even though you’ll buy the terrain in loose kits (or bundles!), after purchase you can mix and match the pieces at will. So the Base-0 HQ building’s first floor fits with the Habitat buildings’s second floor, vice versa, any way you like.

Personally checked and packed before shipping

We personally handle every single sheet of MDF that goes into (and comes out of) the laser. If there’s anything wrong with it, it doesn’t go into the laser. In the rare instance that it does come through the laser well, it doesn’t get packed! So you’ll always receive complete and fully functional kits. 100% Slovenian handcrafted quality!

Free shipping!

We decided we wanted as many people as possible to be able to buy our stuff. So we decided that if you spend enough to make it worthwhile for us, we’ll make it worthwhile for you! Spend over € 50 in our store and we’ll send you your scenery for FREE anywhere in the European Union. We’ve also got free shipping available for the Rest of Europe (from € 70 spent) and if you spend € 100 or more you get free shipping worldwide.

Check the shipping page for more info.

Sound good? Then go check out the store!